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Pivot Angle [°] Trail [cm] Seat Height [cm] BB-Seat Diff. [cm] Ground Clearance [cm] Wheelbase [cm] Weight [kg] BB-FWA [cm] BB-EOS [cm] Turning Circle [m] Front Tubing [mm] Wheel Size [inch] CG [%]
70 28 23 12 13 98 11 36 52 ~2 30x15x2, 17Dx2 10" 10" 43


A micro-size folding python to fit inside a small boot with seat up, 36" width x 14" depth (92x36cm) minus some protective cushion.


The removable seat should also fit in that space, over the python pile. Pivot angle is toward the high end ~70 deg for max compactness when folded.


Not sure how it would feel with the small fat wheel, and heavy chain ring, almost as big ~8.5" dia (215mm). Donor bike is a Razor Rocket Pocket (electric mini motorcycle), 10x3" wheels, drum brake, 25lbs without battery and motor.

It took some time to make the most of the donor bike, chain stay, pivot, seat mounts... The compactness requirement is met with the seat removed and placed on top of the folded frame.


It's ridable and meandering a lot (delicate), even more than the Mini Python (wheelsize? 70deg pivot?), but a lot of fun. see test video

The chain stay flexes a little bit, but there is still a lot of frame clearance in folded position to add more tubings if more speed is desired :)


4/4/11 spent an hour practicing in the parking lot today, lots of steering correction needed. It meanders like a python, and gave quite a good abdominal workout. This could be the next abs machine...

7/18/11 it's really fun taking the bike on day trips to the city, which climbs quite well despite having less weight in front, easy to push, and gets lots of attention from kids to elders (video log)

7/29/11 loaned out to couple of friends who really enjoy learning to ride it. Give them a few months...


Vi, Futon Express, Bango, Flintstones, μPython, Mini Python, Guinea Pig, Bipolar, FP02, FS24P