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A compact python / push trike for 3 small persons. Small enough to fit inside a MINI Cooper.


Experimental 30 degrees pivot, ring frame, low-back seat / bench

Ring frame allows room for rear passenger legs pushing on the ground, and resting when not.


The ring frame is made of two 2" dia U-shaped sides of the futon sofa bed, welded together to make a very strong frame.

16in front wheels w/ extreme 30deg pivot requires 2 bungee cords to hold it up

16in rear wheels came from are quick release from jogging stroller

Low seat backs allow the front seat and rear bench to be closed together. Rider and passengers lean on each other for back support, in 1:1 or 1:2 layout.


The bungee cords do a decent job of contraining the wheels from flopping at rest or speed. The frame is really strong and light, so the trike is fast at sprint (single gear). 30 deg pivot is quite ridable in a trike form.

The seat / bench can be a little uncomfortable if the rider & passenger(s) don't fit together well.

Very popular among small folks...

Fits inside a minivan for a day trip (video log)

Pretty good traction / stability on gravel surface (video log)


Not much other beyond pedal steer


Vi, Futon Express, Bango, Flintstones, μPython, Mini Python, Guinea Pig, Bipolar, FP02, FS24P