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A compact python to fit inside a car trunk / boot


Seat height and pivot angle are compromised to allow the front wheel to folded under the seat


The donor bike was for 5-7 years old. However, in python form it's stretched out to 45" wheel base (114cm). The Xseam is small size ~37" (94cm) to fit kids, with another 2-3" (5-7cm) to stretch before the seat rubs the rear wheel.

Had considered a double bike stand like Jürgen's, but it would interfere with the front wheel when folded. Luckily, the bike can stand on its own with the pedal on the ground.

The donor has girlie decorations ("Electric Stardom", "Sassy & Sweet"), so not sure how the boys will handle it.


16" wheel is more prone to pedal steering interference, but ridable and very pushable.


Hoping to train a few small pythonauts with this; got one signed up so far.


Vi, Futon Express, Bango, Flintstones, μPython, Mini Python, Guinea Pig, Bipolar, FP02, FS24P

Pivot Angle [°] Trail [cm] Seat Height [cm] BB-Seat Diff. [cm] Ground Clearance [cm] Wheelbase [cm] Weight [kg] BB-FWA [cm] BB-EOS [cm] Turning Circle [m] Front Tubing [mm] Wheel Size [inch] CG [%]
62 18 21 21 18 114 9 22 51 ~3 70c50x1.5, 30x15x1.5 16" 16" 40