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Oldest RWS bike? Vi

Stephen Nurse unearthed a photo of a 1935 Recumbent FWDRWS--Stevenurseau 03:07, 17 March 2012 (CET)


Dennis Renner built a Recumbent FWDRWS

FWD Pictures 108.JPG

Dennis Renner Mark 1 P382F1BC3 2.png Dennis Renner Mark 1 P382F1BC3 3.png Dennis Renner Mark 2 P382F1BC3.png Dennis Renner Mark 2 P382F1BC3 1.png

Jeremy M. Garnet studied a direct-drive recumbent, especially the Pedal/Steering_Interference [1]

Better would be a DirectDrive Recumbent with rear wheel steering: DDRRWS, of which I present a model. It has 28" (622 mm) rims. A gearing in the wheel hub still needs to be develloped to ride this bike at higher speeds.

Rik Mars



Web Links

High Pivot, above wheel

Cal Poly final bike

Similar to Dennis' except for pivot pointing rear