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Hi My name is Steve Nurse and I was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1960. Since about 1987 I've been building recumbent bikes and am the current President of OzHpv, the Australian Human Powered Vehicle Club. Over 25 years of involvement with recumbents, I've only ever owned one commercially built model and have built all the rest myself, starting with rear wheel drive models and progressing through front wheel drive fixed bottom bracket bikes to the (current) direct drive, fixed bottom bracket "Monsterbike". Along the way I have self published a book on bikes and recumbents, contributed to Velovision, devised a free board game with a cycling theme, developed a system of modular bikes and entered one of the Spezi Bike Competitions. Just recently I decided to make some of my bike plans available free online and so put up the "Monsterbike" page on For more information, see and the associated blog pages.

I'm married with a 21 year old son and a Mechanical Engineer by profession. Away from bike riding I enjoy surfing, listening to music and reading.

Peace Love and Human Powered Vehicles!

Regards Steve Nurse