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Unlike the Hipparion trikes which have a similar frame geometry and also negative trail, the Python trikes do not necessarily use a steering damper and the front part of the frame is different in that the "chain stays" come from bottom up rather than from above. Also the Hipparion's steering pivot angle is smaller (53.1°) than the Python's (63° ± 4°).

Boris Maretzke, Germany

Boris Maretzke
Name of the Project: Bike Box
Roll out: 04/2008
Pivot Angle: 80°

Jinlin Wen, China

Jinlin Wen

triked, USA

The wheelbase is 32 3/4 inches. Track is 31 inches.

Triked-USA 1
Triked-USA 2
Triked-USA 3
Triked-USA 4
Triked-USA 5

Mark Schaaf, Germany

Mark used the flevotrike Duschar joint to manufacture a tilting trike, which he called "Lasta".

Mark Schaaf 1
Mark Schaaf 2

Howard Stevens Mk1, Australia

Howard Stevens 1
Howard Stevens 2
Howard Stevens 3
Howard Stevens 4

Howard Stevens Mk2, Australia

Howard Stevens 03
Howard Stevens 04
Howard Stevens 06
Howard Stevens 08

Howard Stevens Mk3, Australia

Howard Stevens 09
Howard Stevens 10
Howard Stevens 11
Howard Stevens 12
Howard Stevens 13

Nobuo Moriguchi, Japan

Nobuo Moriguchi

Gavin Katts, South Africa

Gavin Katts
Second trike from Gavin, called Extreme

Gavin: The project started because I would be have to start a job +/- 70 km from where I live, hauling computers and printers with me on every trip. Naturally the vehicle of choice would be a python trike. I would also have to contend with extremely (Theres that word again) steep hills several kilometers long and strong winds and plenty of rain.

I have completed a model (cardboard and paper) for the full fairing. Yes a dry bike. But that will be in the near future as the wife is threatening to "withhold" if I continue to use her house as a bike workshop.

  • Wheel base = 1160mm ( a bit long. I know)
  • Track width = 900mm Extremely wide for our narrow roads
  • Camber = 15 degrees. Extreme. Yes I know
  • Ground clearance = a whopping 5cm. Extremely low. Yes I know
  • BB to seat height difference = 250 mm. A bit Extreme. Yes I know
  • Seat angle = 30 degrees ( a bit of sanity )

Denis Silantiev, Russia

Denis Silantiev 1
Denis Silantiev 2
Denis Silantiev 3

Henk van Eerden, Netherlands

Henk van Eerden 1
Henk van Eerden 2

Jürgen Mages, Germany

P4 Trike
P4 Trike

Gabriel, Germany

Gabriel Trike
Gabriel Trike - Duschar joint

Futon Express, USA


more photos on facebook, and videos Youtube

Steffen, Berlin, Germany

Steffen DSC00167.JPG

Darin, California, USA

"Normal" Trike

More photos: [1]
Darin Trike Riding.jpg

Tilting Trike

More photos, again: [2]
Darin Tilting Joint.jpg

Duschar Joint Tilting Trike (no-weld)

More info: [3]

Mirek, Czech republic


More information, pictures and full build report here.

  • purpose: long distance heavy freighter
  • pivot angle: 63°
  • pivot design: 12 mm rod end bearings, adjustable
  • trail: -24 cm
  • seat height: 29 cm
  • BB-seat diff.: 11 cm
  • ground clearance: 8 cm
  • wheelbase: 148 cm
  • weight: 43 kg
  • BB-FWA: 46 cm (adjustable)
  • BB-EOS: 72 cm (adjustable)
  • turning circle: 3.4 m (measured at inner rear wheel)
  • front tubing: 40x10x2 mm
  • wheel size: 20"
  • CG: 58 %
  • overall length: 2605 mm
  • overall width: 850 mm (just too much for doorways)
  • top speed on level ground: 35 km/h
  • top speed downhill (so far): 70.4 km/h
  • comfortable cruising speed on level ground: 22 km/h
  • cargo capacity: over 120 kg
  • gears: 2x14
  • climbing: like a mountain goat :-)

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