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My name is Dirk Bonné. I am a belgian who lives in Odense, Denmark.

In 1997 I moved from a big Town (Berlin) to a small province Town in East Belgium, with my work being 18kms from home. Having no drivers license I was more or less forced to start commuting to work by bicycle. From there I got hung up on the idea of human powered transport.

After a car related accident that ended my upright as a total loss (my own fault - I was looking at the ground ...) I decided that a recumbent would be safer for me and would increase the reachable radius. My first recumbent was a Challenge Twister. The bike was ok, but I had to ride through in any weather situation and the bike was not up to it: the grip shifters got stuck all the time, and I felt I was cleaning the chain protection tubes all the time.

That is when I decided to build a flevo, with its short chain and short cables would be a ideal bike. I made a flevo racer using small wheels (1999). I fell in love with the bike and rode really a lot of kms on that one.

After moving to Denmark in 2003 I built a python. The bike has been code named by Olaf as baby python. I have been riding that bike since 2005, and I think the python is an improvement over the flevo racer.

My own homepage is