Tokinori 3

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Roll out 8th October 2014 in Japan.Fuuden Factory supported me and this project,too. I write my making stuff on my blog which title is Loving wheels.

Seat made from pipes and PP belt

I changed the cavas cloth to PP belt which material is polypropylene. Because the eyelet is weak to keep the tension. PPseat.jpg

12mm and 16mm iron pipes are used.


I added cushion on the seat, then I could ride with more speed. However The construction of the seat was weak.


The seat had same curve of white one at first. I added 2 pipes to reinforce. Below 2 pipes were added to reinforce main tube.


Steering pivot


I used the M12 rod end bearing for steering pivot. They work well on my pythons.

Adjuster for seat


This is copy which is used Trike by ICE.

Steering Bar

I had tried straight steering bar. I think that it isn't good for python. Because it's far than the length of my arm, then it doesn't work to support steering. So I changed the form of steering bar to the other one.


from side. The angle of the bar is adjusted toward the pushed vectors by the arms.