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Hi Milan (is that your name?). Did you really use a simple electrode welder, no tig or mig machine? What do you do against corrosion? --Marek (talk) 16:34, 18 December 2007 (CET)

Yeah just a simple electrode welder.

I haven't taken any action to prevent corrosion. The steel i used has a layer of some kind of grease. My bike was unrideable since a crash in june. I just fixed that, so when it will be a bit warmer i wil make some new practice runs, to see if my Python has the potential to surpass my Stinger. I don't feel like puting much effort in the Jaculus if it remains unrideable at 35 km/h (my cruising speed at my Stinger).

I am thinking about building a python with adjustable pivot angle. I worked out some building plans, but haven't got the time or the place to make it a reality.