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List of current steering pivot solutions

Rod end bearing

    • pro: allows fine adjustment of pivot angle
      "foolproof" (cannot be misaligned)
    • contra: more friction than roller bearings

Cartridge bottom bracket, en:Bottom bracket

    • pro: easy available and cheap
    • contra:

Tapered roller bearing, U-bracket

    • pro: best solution from engineering point of view
    • contra: lathe needed for building

Tapered roller bearings, Flevo-style

  1. Flevobike Steering Pivot.jpg
    • pro:
    • contra:

Ball bearing

    • pro:bearings 6203 fit in frametubes
    • contra:

Bronze bushings, Bushing

    • pro:
    • contra:

Iglidur bushings

    • pro:
    • contra:

Polyoxymethylene (POM), also known as Delrin

    • pro:
    • contra:

Headset (bicycle part)

    • pro: easy to obtain
    • contra: not designed for this type of load (some have very shallow cones), may wear out quickly. An oversized headset (1 1/8") on Martin's 20" python (Martin.jpg) has not yet gotten any problems with wear after some 6000 km and 7 years of riding.
      requires more vertical space

Cup and cone bottom bracket, Ball bearing

    • pro:
    • contra: wears out very fast - do not use!: