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Commercial Seats

Seat with ventilation mat

  • hard shell seat with ventisit mat Ventisit - it's the good for ventilation. You can custom make your own from the Truster Anti-Condensmat: Truster. Available in caravanning stores in Holland and maybe elsewhere. It can be stiched with heavy duty fishing line or zip-ties

Plywood seats on sale in Netherlands

Home-made Seats

Hammock Seat


Wooden Slat Seat


Wooden Dowel Seat

[Holzsitz's] [Hebi's]

Molded Wooden Seat


Bent steel frame & Coroplast


80" conduit 1/2 tubing is bent into a 2D contour frame, ~33"x10". Then a 4mm coroplast sheet, 36"x12", is zip tied to the frame. Under load, the sheet bends across the back to form a 3D surface, and flexes a little like a hammock.