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After reading a lot about Flevoracers, Airbikes and other recumbents bicycles which can be rode without hands, I decided to build a Python following Jürgen's instruction on I can upcycle a lot of bicycle parts from the workshop of my city's pro-bicycle association. With an inseem of 83 cm, I chose 26 inches wheels as a starting point. I didn't have any rectangular tubing at hand, so I built the front part with old mountain bike's frame. I TIG welded the parts, I was a total welder beginner, it was a good exercise ! Seat and rear part are the same as described in

The pivot is made from a cartridge bottom braket and two steel crank arms, cut and bent-welded : stiff and easy to build ! I made a large quickstand that blocks the pivoting front part when unfold, very useful as Jürgen explained. The handelbars hold bell, shifters and brake levers. They act as shock absorbers when inevitably falling aside. Beware to your fingers if you roll them around the handle : it's better to keep your hand away from under the handles in the learning time !

Transmission is made like compact group, with 9-speed cassette and 2 front gears, without indexation, it works like a Swiss Watch.

Underseat pivot

I did'nt found car seatbelt so I made the seat with basic ropes, tied as a hamac.

The bike before paint

It took me two months to learn how to ride this bike, feeling like a child who learn bike for the first time : refreshing ! Here's a short video of the first meters without falling. It was first difficult for me to climb hills, but now it's easy : you just need a little more speed that conventional bike to keep balance.

With low friction from the front transmission and the super comfy low recumbent position, this bike has a very good yield. I traveled a lot this summer with heavy luggages : it's really fast ! And what a downhill feeling !

Geometry values
Pivot Angle [°] 65
Trail [cm] 27
Seat Height [cm] 28
BB-Seat Diff. [cm] 21
Ground Clearance [cm] 17
Wheelbase [cm] 129
Weight [kg] ~15
BB-FWA [cm] 38
BB-FWA [cm] 72
Turning Circle [m] ~3
Front Tubing [mm] rear triangles from salvaged mountain-bike frames
Wheel Size [inch] 26
CG ~2/3 weight on front wheel