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  • Name: PythonIK (IK for Ingo Kollibay)
  • Wheels: ETRTO 406 (with Schwalbe Big Apple)
  • Pivot Angle: 65°
  • Wheelbase: 121 cm
  • Trail: -21 cm
  • Weight: 22 kg (including new rack and kickstand - not in pictures yet)



I stumbled upon Pythons like about 10 years ago. Recumbents in general never made it for me because of their complexity regarding chainline and steering. The Python was refreshingly simple and seemed like fun. Also the idea that learning to ride was both appealing and a bit concerning. So I let it simmer for month and years and years... Bought some material. Left it. Tried a bit of brazing on simpler objects - forgot about it.

Then one day in 2017 on a folding bike ride with others I met Ingo Kollibay from Hildesheim (Germany) on a custom built recumbent that looked much like a Brompton recumbent conversion, but was built from scratch.

I talked to him about my plans and asked him if he could build a Python.


  • 2017-08-16: Formal order to Ingo for the construction and agreeing on some basic aspects (wheel size, tires, split frame to fit into trunk of a Smart Car)
  • 2017-08-27: Packing up Wheels, Crankset, Brakes and smaller parts already purchased or leftover to Ingo
  • 2017-10-10: Discussing about 4-5 sketches of frame variants
  • 2017-10-12: Agreeing on variant 4 and making the first down payment
  • 2017-12-04: Project was on hold for some weeks because of private circumstances
  • 2018-01-08: Meeting in Hildesheim, assembly and "test ride" (about a meter) of the unpainted frame for last changes and approval before powder coating
  • 2018-01-13: Frame building finished, frame is handed over to powder coating
  • 2018-02-22: Final payment
  • 2018-02-28: Parcel with Python arrived, training begins
  • 2018-03-04: I can do the first, wide circles (anticlockwise) in the backyard
  • 2018-04-24: First "bigger" tour of 5 km outside of my backyard and street
  • 2018-05-05: First of many 10-12 km rides with gravel, off-roadish paths, tarmac and 160-180 m climb
  • 2018-07-01: First longer tour of about 37 km with another recumbent, 460 m climb
  • 2018-07-06: Fitted dynohub and front/backlights for first tour to/from work (about 35 km per trip)
  • 2018-07-13: Extended trip from work, 52 km - longest tour so far
  • 2018-07-29: Logged > 500 km on the Python so far
  • 2018-08-10: added a back carrier mounted to the seat to prevent the Carradice bag from touching the wheel/mudguards
  • 2018-08-17: Logged > 1100 km due to regular commutes of 2 x ~35 km per day in the last weeks
  • 2018-10-13: My first Brevet: 200km / 2500hm and it worked! Still feel a bit sore after the numerous steep ascends.
  • 2018-12-21: Second Brevet: 200km (mostly flat) -
  • 2019-01-19: Third Brevet: 200km -
  • 2019-03-01: Modified front frame to fit a Rohlof Speedhub (14 gears) - removed the second chainring
  • 2019-03-15: Built a central stand strong enough for me to sit on the bike (logged about 2800 km by now)