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This bike was built by Mike Nahl -- rollout 2007-07.


  • tubing: 13x1 (women bike), 10x1 (bought), 8x1 (bought)
  • 20inch wheels with big apple tires (406-50)
  • weight: +-15kg

The bike is built out of tubing of womens bikes and mountain bikes. Nearly everything is brazed using 20-30% silver rods.

The pivot uses a bottom bracket. The bottom bracket (old XT) came in three pieces, two threaded cups for screwing it into the BB shell, and a middle piece containing the bearings and axle. Only that middle piece was retained. The diameter of that middle piece is 30mm which fits nicely into a steering tube. This was pressed in and fixed with a bolt. The sealings are taken from a VW T4 van (steering rod ends).

Seat is challenge seat clone, 3mm aluminium, using rivets.