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You can find a tutorial, everything about editing an article, FAQ an so on at the officialy help:content Page of MediaWiki.

Create a Page

To create a new page, type in a name with underscore separating words after "" in the address bar, for example "First_Last", Wiki will automatically create a blank page with the title "First Last", ready for edit.

A more advanced way is the Wiki interlinking method, where the link for a new page is created first on the launch page by typing a new link inside double square brackets. Link to a non-existing page would appear in red, indicating that it's ready to be edited if the user clicks on the link.

Furthermore, it is recommended that your pages are linked together in some logical hierarchy, or at least somewhere in order to be integrated into the Wiki.

Edit a Page

Useful Infos about editing a page you can get here


If you need help you can send your question to me: Stephan ! I will try to answer as soon as possible.

All help pages so far are here

Interwiki support

External wikis

you may link to other wikis like eg this

[[wde:Wolfram-Inertgasschweißen (WIG)|Wolfram-Inertgasschweißen (WIG)]], Wolfram-Inertgasschweißen (WIG)
[[wen:Gas tungsten arc welding|Gas tungsten arc welding]], Gas tungsten arc welding
[[wfr:Soudage TIG|Soudage TIG]], Soudage TIG

allowed prefixes:

  • Dutch: wnl
  • English: wen
  • French: wfe
  • German: wde

Internal wikis

Presently this wiki supports four languages technically:

[[pde:Hauptseite]], pde:Hauptseite
[[pen:Main_Page]], pen:Main_Page
[[pfr:Accueil]], pfr:Accueil
[[pnl:Hoofdpagina]], pnl:Hoofdpagina

However, their use has been discouraged after discussion on the mail list, so they don't get linked to presently. Please only use the English language version for the time being.

Inserting images

This is a template for inserting convenient thumbnailed previews:

[[Image:Purge plug.jpg|250px|thumb|left|Purge plugs]]

They can either flow to they left or the right side of the text, size in pixels (px) is optional. It's prudent to ad

<div style="clear:both;"></div>

at the bottom of sections that contain images, else the layout may flow into the next section below--sometimes this is not wanted.

External images

This is a resized external image with CSS styling and a link--click edit to see how it's done:

Image upload

Please resize your images before upload. A maximal width of 1024 pixels (or even 800) is mostly enough, image size shouldn't exceed 100 Kilobytes.