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Hello, my name is Jürgen Mages. I was born in 1962. I live in Erlangen, Germany and work as a biologist and programmer at the local university.

My website is

I don't think that I actually invented the Python-style recumbents back in 2003. I am quite sure that this design has been built several times before. But unlike my predecessors I didn't dump it because of its unrideability. Due to my longtime practice with Flevo- and Airbike I was able to handle the Python quite fast. I learned about its advantages and flaws compared to the commercial center-steered bikes and became quite fond of it. I set up a website with building info and started a mailing list to share the idea. Thanks the ingenious and generous help of a continuously growing internet community, the understanding and design of the Python could be greatly improved and is still developing. Thanks to all contributors for this!